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Innovative Investment Opportunities for Retail Investors

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At Durban Companies Market (DCM), we offer small investors an innovative way to invest in private companies and unlock their financial potential. The Share Price Contracts (SPCs) structure allows you to benefit from the economic benefits and risks associated with share ownership, without owning the underlying shares. Join DCM today and start investing in the future of South Africa and beyond.

Secure and Transparent Investment Opportunities for All

Are you a retail investor looking to participate in the growth of innovative private companies? At Durban Companies Market (DCM), we’re revolutionising the investment marketplace by offering secure and transparent investment opportunities for all. Durban Companies Market Share Price Contracts (SPCs) structure allows you to access growth opportunities without the risks and complexities of traditional share ownership.

Invest in the Future of Local Companies

nvesting in local companies not only provides potential financial returns for investors, but also contributes to the growth and development of the local economy. By investing in local companies, investors can help create jobs, drive innovation, and support the growth of the local community. At Durban Companies Market (DCM), we’re committed to unlocking the potential for growth and success across the South African and broader African economies, and by offering private companies the opportunity to access capital and investors, we’re driving growth and innovation in the investment marketplace.

Invest in Local Growth Companies Today

Looking to invest in local growth companies with confidence?

Don’t wait any longer to start investing in the growth and success of your local community. Follow these steps and start investing with confidence today with Durban Companies Market.

The first step for an investor is to create an account on Durban Companies Market’s website. This will require providing basic personal information, such as their name, email address, mobile, and a password.

After creating an account, the investor will be prompted to complete their profile by providing additional personal information, such as their address, phone number, and date of birth. This information is required to comply with KYC regulations.

Once the investor’s identity has been verified, they can review the investment opportunities listed on Durban Companies Market, using our search filters to find opportunities that match their investment preferences.

If the investor decides to invest, they can make their investment through our secure platform. All investments are held in segregated accounts until the funding target is reached.

Join our community of investors today and unlock the potential for growth and success.

By following these steps, investors can sign up for an account on Durban Companies Market funding platform and start investing in growth opportunities with confidence, knowing that their personal information and investments are protected by our KYC measures.